Computer and Information Engineering

: Doktora
Head of Department
: Prof.Dr. CEMİL ÖZ
: Dr.Öğr.Üyesi SEÇKİN ARI
University Catalog

Computer & Information Engineering Ph.D. Program offers to be a successful researcher in the field of Computer and Information Sciences and Cybersecurity. The graduate students accepted to the program will receive a chance to be an expert on one of the large variety of topics in the area. The program offers Ph.D. studies for those who want to be a one of the researchers shaping future in the area of Computer & Information Sciences. PhD students in this program may focus on many research topics explored by the advisers who are expert on their fields. Below are some of the main focus areas provided in the program: Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Virtual Reality, Computer Networks, and System Reliability. Students are admitted to the Ph.D. program following attainment of an undergraduate or Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (but limited). Doctoral studies consist of courses selected with the assistance of an advisor, successful completion of a preliminary and a qualifying examination, and an independent research culminating in a thesis. A minimum of eight semester enrollment is required for the Ph.D. The requirements of Ph.D. of Computer & Information Engineering degree include completion of 60 ECTS unit elective courses in the Computer & Information Engineering Program within two semesters of enrollment.  In the second year, students must pass an oral preliminary examination focusing on the students’ ability to orally demonstrate mastery of and ability to apply core knowledge in the major area of research. All PhD candidates are expected to present at least one seminar on their research. It approximately takes 4-5 years to complete a Ph.D. after receiving a Master's degree. 

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